The Bridge

Video Art, Graffiti, Happenings, Protests and Placemaking Across Borders

The Bridge project seeks to facilitate public space intervention, collaboration and happenings amongst Palestinian artists across borders using Nomad.OS, a live-streaming media art software that allows artists to create their work on the fašades of places they have been dispossessed from and cannot physically return to due to the military occupation of Palestine.

Breaking Borders with Art & Technology

If we consider dispossession as the fundamental architectural component of violence in our current time (that is to say dispossession is the structure of the situation through which violence even becomes a possibility), one of its most brutal characteristics is that dispossession actually deprives the dispossessed from their ability to speak.

The Bridge project seeks to artistically uproot the privative foundation of dispossession by creating a platform for Palestinian artists to create poetic protests precisely on the sites they have been dispossessed from and cannot return to, as a means to symbolically evoke the Palestinian right of return. Beyond these interventions, the project seeks to facilitate real-time collaborations amongst Palestinian artists in Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem where they are unable to physically come together due to military occupation.

The Bridge

Event Title: The Bridge
Start Date: 01/05/2015
End Date: 31/12/2015
Opening Times: ongoing
Town/City: Palestine
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