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Many factors may decide an artist’s weight and impact upon their peers as well as a larger public. Some of these may be their success, ability and reputation, longevity, and renown. It can be argued that the greater the weight of these factors, the greater the sway of the artist. What if the artist could concentrate all these factors into one object, whose weight and size was directly proportional to them?

What if you could see an artist’s success, ability and reputation in one easy to carry object? What if all artists had art bats?

The Art Bat metaphor offers the opportunity to reflect on the vicissitudes of artistic activity in a way that circumscribes the conventional vocabularies and language tools used to these same ends.

No Fixed Abode, along with Access Space, has developed a month long exhibition of talks, presentations and workshops. The event will occupy the online space of the Blog swingthatartbat.blogspot.com and also the exhibition space within Access Space, Sheffield. Throughout there will be a programme of talks which are as follows:

Fri 29th Feb 2008 6 - 8pm Meet + talk to No Fixed Abode and drink booze.

Sat 1st Mar 2008 2pm Daniel Simpkins and Penny Whitehead present ‘Beat Attack Thwack; an exploration of the power structures underpinning contemporary artistic practice.’ visitors are invited to bring a bat representing an artist of their choice.

Sat 8th Mar 2008 2pm Black Dogs present ‘the good life; a presentation on the implications of DIY, punk and self organisation in art.’

Sat 15th Mar 2008 2pm Ele Carpenter presents ‘The Elephant in the Room: Tensions between object and process in socially engaged new media art.’

Sat 29th Mar 2008 2pm Andy Hewitt and Mel Jordan (Freee art collective) present ‘how to bat; how the artists’ bat enables one to question the popular misconception of art being a universal or disinterested field of practice.’

Fri 4th Apr 2008 Closing event.

How to Contribute
Go to www.swingthatartbat.org.uk and join in the online discussion. Email your photos, videos, thoughts and ideas around your own or other people's art bats to contact@nofixedabode.org.uk. These will be used to develop and actively construct the exhibition space at Access.

Bring in your own art bat to add to the ever growing collection at Access Space or alternatively post them to: No Fixed Abode, BLOC Studios, 198 Arundel Street, Sheffield. South Yorkshire. S1 4RE.

Come to the talks.
Swing That Art Bat - No Fixed Abode

Event Title: Swing That Art Bat - No Fixed Abode
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