Daniel Gosling: Work in progress showing / Q & A

On the night of 2-3 December 1984 a large quantity of deadly gas leaked from a tank at the poorly maintained Union Carbide pesticide factory in Bhopal, India, killing thousands of people.

Artist Daniel Gosling has followed the disaster since it happened, over the years watching it develop into a saga and the local emphasis slowly shift from gas to toxic well water and birth defects. What struck him beyond all the contested facts was that there were people in Bhopal who either would not or could not give up fighting for their demands to be met. He wanted to meet some of these tenacious people and to make a contribution to maintaining their visibility.

In Feb-March 2006 a group of approximately 50 Muslim and Hindu survivor-activists walked 500 miles from Bhopal to Delhi in an act of non-violent resistance against more than 21 years of corporate intransigence and government inaction. Gosling was invited to walk with them as a video artist in transient residence. Gosling recorded 27 hours of video/sound, about which he has this to say:

"My material features ordinary people made extraordinary by an event, its aftermath and their continuing response to it, people who've been fighting for justice since the time of the last Miners' Strike here in Britain. The walk was an extraordinary event within the history of their struggle. It lasted 34 days and passed through some remote territory under less than luxurious conditions. As such it enabled me to acquire material that is quite distinct from what we're accustomed to seeing in connection with the disaster."

Gosling will show 25 minutes of this raw material, respond to questions and discuss the direction of the developing work.
Daniel Gosling: Work in progress showing / Q & A

Event Title: Daniel Gosling: Work in progress showing / Q & A
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