Sleepless in Peckham Screening - The SELF Collective

One weekend. One Location. One screenplay. Three films.

Three groups of South East London Film Collective filmmakers will shoot three short films in just 48 hours! The films, interpreted from one script written by the SELF Collective writer's guild, will be shot and edited at BarStory and The Sassoon Gallery in Peckham between 4pm on Fri 25 and 4pm on Sun 27 Jan 2008.

At 7pm on the Sunday evening, the event will culminate with the screening of the finished films followed by an after-party with live music, a bar and bonfire in the Sassoon Gallery.

Established last November, the SELF Collective supports local low-to-no-budget film productions in the spirit of collaboration, cooperation and self-sufficiency. This event aims to bring together an emerging network of filmmakers from all backgrounds and levels of experience to work creatively together.

Those interested in joining the collective are encouraged to come and see us in action throughout the weekend, and meet us in an informal setting at the screening and after-party on Sunday.
Sleepless in Peckham Screening - The SELF Collective

Event Title: Sleepless in Peckham Screening - The SELF Collective
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