Venice Pavilion in London

Inspired by the 120 year old Italian art exhibition which occurs every two years with international representation the ‘Venice Pavilion in London’ will concentrate on the concept of ‘nationality’ and its relevance in today’s globalisation of the art community.


While the content and context of many of the national pavilions have come under attack, the presence of artists in international exhibitions is still primarily determined through the mechanism of national representation; especially in the case of artists from nations wishing to raise their political and cultural profile, while others project a more commercial image.


What does it mean to have a ‘nationality’ as an artist, or to represent your country as an artist today? Now a day’s ‘identity’ seems less and less rooted in our birthplace and more a result of transitory cross fertilisation, while ‘national identity’ and ‘culture’ are terms still considered by communities as values important and integral to their inherent traditions.


Concentrating on this theme the ‘Venice Pavilion in London’ will feature artists from different countries, with different languages and art practices whose work deals with (or deliberately decides not to) ‘national identity’ or ‘globalism’, creating a vibrant dialogue and vital interaction between artist and audience both national and international.


Exhibiting Artists; Vanya Balogh | Ting Ting Cheng | Gayle Chong Kwan | Sung Eun Chin | Eric Fong | Shadi Habib Allah | Aude Hérail Jäger | Ana Mendes | Charlotte C Mortensson | Mandy Niewöhner | Eugene Palmer | Victoria Rance | Paolo Rosini | Pascal Rousson | Martin Sexton | Malika Sqalli | Sabina Tupan | Tisna Westerhof | Jwan Yosef.


The exhibition is curated by hARTslane – Cristiana Bottigella & Tisna Westerhof.



Venice Pavilion in London

Event Title: Venice Pavilion in London
Start Date: 02/07/2015
End Date: 05/07/2015
Venue: hARTslane
Town/City: London
Postcode: SE145UP
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