Open studio event by Kelly Large - Me, Myself and I

Kelly Large is the current artist in residence at The New Art Gallery Walsall. To celebrate the end of her residency, she has developed an artwork in the form of an ‘open studio’ event.

During her time in the gallery, Kelly has become preoccupied with the conditions of being ‘in residence’ and the models of art production, exhibition and reception, that are usually associated with this role.

Finding herself ‘in residence’ at a gallery full of artworks rather than artists, Kelly has developed an artwork in response to the most public requirement of the residency – an ‘open studio’ event. Usually, these events provide an opportunity for the public to meet the artist in their studio environment. However, for Me,Myself and I, instead of being on hand to discuss her work with the open studio audiences, Kelly has invited a selection of artists and curators to describe their understanding of her art practice to visitors. Rather than receive a ‘definitive’ description from the artist herself, Me, Myself and I offers open studio visitors various descriptions of Kelly’s art practice ranging from the deeply personal, partial, fictional, anecdotal and ideal; each shaped by the experiences of the speaker, rather than the artist herself.

Contributors include: Marsha Bradfield, Mary Anne Francis, The Hut Project, Helen Jones, Emily Marsden, Rebecca May Marston, Elizabeth Rowe, Becky Shaw and Gavin Wade.

Presentations by the guest speakers will commence at 2pm on Fri 18 and Thu 24 Jan 2008. This is a free event but booking is highly recommended. Please reserve your place by calling 01922 654400.

Kelly Large (b. 1973) lives and works in Birmingham and London. She uses curatorial forms to explore the relationship between artist, institution and audience. These enquires have resulted in projects that have used a range of distribution methods such as FM radio and publication formats as sites for making and presenting art. She has recently completed commissions for the 52nd Venice Biennale (2007), Zoo Art Fair (2006), Mima, Middlesbrough (2004) and the Liverpool Biennial (2004).
Open studio event by Kelly Large - Me, Myself and I

Event Title: Open studio event by Kelly Large - Me, Myself and I
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