Martin Hamblem - A penny for your thoughts

Sitting on a pavement wearing a suit, my ‘stage’ highlighted by hazard tape, framed by the galleries behind, the gesture of giving juxtaposes a stereotypical street exchange with a saying rarely seen, only said, creating an anomaly which questions expectations, sparks curiosity and incites collaboration. Performing this familiar phrase is an invitation to open a conversation.

Martin Hamblen invites you to a three hundred and thirty hour durational performance of the phrase “A penny for your thoughts”. Starting Wednesday July 1st 2015 and continuing until Wednesday September 30th 2015. Martin will be performing for 5 hours every week day from 1- 6pm (weather permitting). In July he will be sited adjacent to Castlefield Gallery, Hewitt Street, Manchester M15 4GB. In August he will be sited adjacent to The Grundy, Queen Street, Blackpool FY1 1PU. In September he will be sited adjacent to The Birley, Birley Street, Preston PR1 2QE.

Martin Hamblen practices collage, collecting, performing, cutting and pasting. Inspired by Duchamp and Beuys, his interests include process and the everyday. His work is democratic and egalitarian in delivery and execution, responding to and embracing a common criticism of contemporary art “I could do that”.

Martin Hamblen’s recent exhibitions include Feel Me (2015) at The Birley and Literacy (2014)at Castlefield Gallery. In 2014 he performed Level Head at Hazard, balancing a 6ft spirit level on his head for 5 hours and in 2013 he performed 29,028 walking “two steps forward, one step back” for 68 hours up and down The Harris Flights, a temporary installation of stairs organised by In Certain Places.









Martin Hamblem - A penny for your thoughts

Event Title: Martin Hamblem - A penny for your thoughts
Start Date: 01/07/2015
End Date: 30/09/2015
Opening Times: 13.00-18.00
Venue: Various
Town/City: North
Contact Email: