Good Shit From Bristol - Live Art Weekender & 3 Minute Warning

A season of ‘made in Bristol’ live and dance work from eight emerging artists who performed at Arnolfini’s 2007 open platform.

Steve Robins
Sat 12 Jan, 10am - 11pm

Foyer & Light Studio \ Free
For one year Steve Robins worked out, read the news and wrote a journal: Coinage is the result. Self-loathing and self-love compete for prominence and sit in uneasy proximity with current affairs. There’s a little humour, and partial nudity. Expect a lot of words, an awful lot of words. Steve Robins, Coinage

Pete Barrett
Sat 12 Jan, 3 – 4pm
Arnolfini Bookshop

Peter Barrett is an artist and poet who likes making life difficult for himself. In Arnolfini Bookshop, Barrett will bind his legs in knotted rope then attempt to make it home through Bristol’s streets. In this uncomfortable state of bondage, the artist will play out a public spectacle of self-imposed punishment.

Michael David Jones
Define Me
Sat 12 Jan, 4pm - 6pm \ Dark Studio

1:1 performance in 5 min slots
Final work will be displayed for general viewing from 6.30 - 7.00pm
Free \ Booking Essential
Rather than seeing the self as a fixed thing, encased by the limits of the skin, Jones suggests the exciting possibility that the self can be endlessly recreated through engagement and interaction. In this subtle one-to-one performance, audience members will be asked to make their own marks, inscriptions and judgments onto the artist's body. By giving over responsibility for his identity, the artist invites the audience to construct a new ‘self’ for him.

Peoples In Pieces
15 Storms In A Teacup
Sat 12 Jan, 4.30 & 5.30pm

£3.00/£2.00 Concs or Free with an Evening Ticket
Limited Capacity - Booking Essential
Arnolfini Associate Artists, Peoples in Pieces make poetic work that contrasts the mundane with the quietly spectacular. Enter their world of kitchen-sink science as they attempt to capture the weather in a jar. Struggling to make their experiments work, they toy with the impossible, guide the audience through the darkness and give advice on surviving disasters.

Shi Ker
Down To The Earth
Sat 12 Jan, 5 - apx. 6.30pm

Between back of Jury’s Hotel And Arnolfini
Cliff-climbing, the ode to the vibes of life itself, the game of brave ones, of riskers and adventurers, of conquerors and protesters, of those who are pissed off by something in their life. Go find a place and grit your teeth, start to climb. One hundred metres is not a long way to go.

Good Shit from Bristol - Evening Programme: Tim Atack/These Horses/The Licencees
Sat 12 Jan, 7.30pm
£8.00/£6.00 Concs

Tim Atack

A one-man performance. ‘You’re stuck on the moon. No chance of ever seeing home again. Just the curve of the earth far away in the dark. What song would you sing?’ Tim Atack is a writer, musician and
performer, not to be confused with the giant clockwork Tim Atack that has recently been terrorising Paris.

These Horses
Interval: A Piece For Voice And Light Switch

On, off, on, off , on, off. Interrupting darkness with the flick of a switch.
These Horses sketch a space in which to speak. Two voices clash, separate, meet in unison. A narrative is pulled apart. Darkness underscores the light, as language gives shape to sound. What you hear is what you can’t see. Arnolfini Associate Artists, These Horses return with a piece that continues to explore their fascination with extremes of darkness and light.

The Licencees
10 Ways To Die On Stage

Following the the success of The face game at I Am Your Worst Nightmare, Ed Rapley and Steve Ryan present 10 Ways to Die on Stage. This performance hovers somewhere between live art and stand-up comedy (in that some bits are funny and not everything makes sense). This little slice of good humoured self-dissection has received a great reception in Oxford, Cardiff and Birmingham and the artists assure us that they will be pulling out all the stops for the home crowd.

The Darkside present 3 Minute Warning
Sun 13 Jan 3.00pm
£3.00/£2.00 concs

And now it's your turn... Hosted by platform provocateurs, The Spaghetti Club, 3 Minute Warning return to Arnolfini offering you the opportunity to get up on stage to show what you can do. We expect that most of you will come along just to watch, but this is a unique platform for work of any form, by artists and audiences of all levels of experience. We will show almost anything but works must be low-tech and 3 minutes or less.

The Spaghetti Club are Arnolfini Associate Artists and have toured 3 Minute Warning across the UK and internationally.
Good Shit From Bristol - Live Art Weekender & 3 Minute Warning

Event Title: Good Shit From Bristol - Live Art Weekender & 3 Minute Warning
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