Rhod 2013: Future Nature Culture

Maria Rebecca Ballestra (Italy), Stefhan Caddick (Powys), Rawley Clay (Vale of Glamorgan), Helen Clifford (Cardiff), Pascal-Michel Dubois (Caerphilly), Johana Hartwig (Cardiff), Jo Lathwood (Bristol), Matthew Smith (London), Fern Thomas (Swansea), Sean Vicary (Ceredigion)

Rhôd’s fifth annual exhibition, Future Nature Culture, invited artists to consider the future of the relationship between nature and culture.

Future Nature Culture addresses the critical need for us to respond to the challenges we face as a result of the impact of human beings upon the natural world. The demands of over-population and a globalized market economy have resulted in damage to eco-systems, diminishing biodiversity, the depletion of natural resources and climate change.

Future Nature Culture invites artists and audiences to respond to this context, to re-interpret and re-imagine the relationship between nature and culture, beyond exploitation and idealization, towards a future in which we acknowledge ourselves as not separate from, but an intrinsic part of, nature, and the responsibility this implies.


Rhôd is an artist-run project exploring and promoting urban-rural dialogue. Taking its name from the sixteenth century water-mill in which it is based (Rhôd is Welsh for water-wheel) the project involves an annual exhibition held in the building and grounds of Melin Glonc, in Drefelin, Carmarthenshire. The emphasis of Rhôd is on the creation of new site-specific artworks in a variety of media, including sculpture, installation, performance, sonic art, relational /participatory art, and video. Future Nature Culture will be Rhôd’s fifth annual exhibition.

Opening Event: Sun 26 May 2013 from 2pm, artists talk 6pm followed by food and music

Rhod 2013: Future Nature Culture

Event Title: Rhod 2013: Future Nature Culture
Postcode: New Mill, Drefelin, Carmarthenshire SA44 5XB
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