Daniel Fogarty - Another Television Ident

ANOTHER TELEVISION IDENT is a show in seven parts, running the duration of six months, and taking place in the grounds of Edible Eastside, an urban garden located on a derelict distribution depot next to the Grand Union canal. The show takes its direction from \'station identifications\' the short clips that are aired between programming to inform the viewer who is broadcasting.

Month by month a new work will be on show, one sculpture at a time. The sculptures sit awkwardly between a television station logo and a crudely-made concrete garden ornament. Over the course of the year, running from late-March to September, the works will shift and change, but all will aim to touch upon the role of the television ident and what this placeholder graphic or break between programming could come to represent, what ideals it would hold dear and how this sits parallel to the act of making or artistic practice. Works on show come to represent gaps between programming, between exhibitions, between working in the studio.

Each sculpture will be accompanied by a text of sorts. The texts will try to work around the sculpture to establish how such an object would operate in the field of television, from a script from a TV show that will be airing on the fictional channel that sculpture might represent to a selection of adverts or a collection of stills from a production that could air. The text will try to decipher and indulge in the ambiguous nature of the sculptures and what they may come to represent. Over the course of the show a selection of dialogues will have taken place between the sculptures themselves and the texts placed between them.

The exhibition will play out month by month as a way of looking and presenting a set of ideas and experimentations. The works do not set themselves out as a finalised version of a work but as a way of working through a selection of ideas; a kind of grassroots or bottom-up aesthetics to the field of thought. Referencing self -publishing, rendered graphics, TV props and offshore radio broadcasting, the sculptures aim to fill the gaps between production, when one traditionally rushes to get a cup of tea, moves the aerial around or picks up a book to get a better picture of grasp of things.

The sculptures are presented as a set of works in production. Aiming to establish themselves, as a sculpture would timidly sit in a studio. There to be worked and reworked, looked at and pondered over, they eat up space and say nothing, waiting for the next program to be aired.

Upcoming Events:

Project 4/5: The Second Law of Thermodynamics or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Chaos
Stryx, Unit 13 Minerva Works, Birmingham B5 5RS
Fri 24 May 2013, 6-9pm. Project continues: Sat 25 and Sun 26 May 2013 11am-4pm

Sophie Victoria Elliott [re]codes Samuel Cook, Ryan Curtis and Jean-Philippe Doldoro

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Project 5/5: The Second Law of Thermodynamics or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Chaos
Edible Eastside, 122 Fazeley St, Birmingham B5 5RS
Fri 7 Jun 2013, 6-9pm. Project continues: Sat 8 and Sun 9 June 2013 11am-4pm

Jean-Philippe Doldoro [re]codes Samuel Cook, Ryan Curtis and Sophie Victoria Elliott

Daniel Fogarty - Another Television Ident

Event Title: Daniel Fogarty - Another Television Ident
Postcode: 122 Fazeley St, Birmingham B5 5RS
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