Red Herrings and Chinese Whispers

Artists: Benedicte Clementsen, Tim Etchells, Blue Firth, Ian Giles, Kurt Johannessen

A weekend of live performance, installation, film, talks and boat trips.

This May Lincoln Art Programme embark upon a new crusade of investigation in their upcoming season Red Herrings and Chinese Whispers investigating the Brayford Isle\'s mysterious histories. Bringing together a series of new artist’s commissions across the Brayford Pool, and a programme of talks, presentations and films from invited artists, historians and archaeologists; Red Herrings and Chinese Whispers looks to solve some of the isle’s lingering mysteries and attribute the site a new voice.

The Brayford Isle is a 12 meter wide man-made island located in the South East region of Lincoln’s Brayford Pool, the city’s historic port and present day mooring ground for pleasure boats. Established in the 1960s the small mysterious island is inhabited by a single willow tree and provides annual nesting ground for the Brayford’s mute swan population. Formally the city’s trading port, the Brayford Pool now sits in the centre of the city’s on-going urban development, fuelled by the commerce to the North and the University to the South of its waters. Yet the island remains, its historical presence forgotten and its spatial presence neglected, but rumours of its underwater treasures persist to capture local attention.

Image Credit: Benedicte Clementsen; Repeat into the past, the future, the present

Red Herrings and Chinese Whispers

Event Title: Red Herrings and Chinese Whispers
Postcode: Project Hub; Lincoln Canoe Club, Brayford Wharf South (University walkway), Lincoln, LN6 7TS
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