Going Postal - By Paul Stanley with BLOC

Bloc has commissioned artist Paul Stanley to produce five hundred hand-drawn envelopes for the December 2007 postal mail out.

The project came about as a result of the artist’s fascination with mass production and the dissemination of imagery, his previous work having been shown in the advertising spaces of magazines and other publications.

The artist has invited those on the BLOC postal database, who have each been sent information in one of his hand drawn envelopes, to send him an image of what they do with the envelope. His blogspot will be updated with images and comments that are sent to him, as well as his own thoughts on the project.

“Going Postal is an experiment following the disregarded elements of the everyday advertising that is so pervasive in our lives: the junk mail and spam that we receive through our doors and email accounts that we instantly forget, yet at the same time come to know as part of the visual make up of our lives.”

Paul Stanley is an artist and independent curator who has been involved in the development and running of artist led organisations in the UK such as Bankley Studios Gallery, Manchester and The View From Here, Glasgow.

In 2004 Stanley set up the art collaboration [deletia] which he now co-edits with Lynn Harris. [Deletia] purchase ad space in various magazines and use this space for the presentation, preservation and promotion of art. Piggy backing on existing platforms allows them to create non-linear, ahistoric reflections on visual culture. A collective and accumulative ‘snail-trail’ can be seen on the deletia website.
Going Postal - By Paul Stanley with BLOC

Event Title: Going Postal - By Paul Stanley with BLOC
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-Visit the Going Postal blogspot
-Visit the deletia website" target="_blank"> -Visit the Going Postal blogspot
-Visit the deletia website