Movable Borders: Here Come the Drones!

Featuring: Bureau of Inverse Technology, Lawrence Bird, Patrick Lichty, Dave Miller & Gavin Stewart, The Force of Freedom and Dave Young

The devices that once populated the creepy dystopian futures of science fiction have broken through into our daily reality.

Drones of dozens of different types are becoming a part of everyday life. They scout our public (and private) spaces, carrying out surveillance or reconnaissance in the service of nation states and as unmanned robotic tools, armed with missiles and bombs, acting in defence of \"national security\".

According to a European commission document, drones will be commonplace in the skies within a decade. There are already many companies building these airborne, robotic spies for military and police use and this has \"prompted concerns from civil liberties groups, who fear that the unmanned aircraft will result in more forms of surveillance.\" [1]

During the three weeks of Movable Borders: Here Come the Drones! people are invited to visit the gallery, view artworks and join a workshop by artists who are contemplating how drones are changing the way we see and relate to each other and the world around us.

Artworks and projects by Bureau of Inverse Technology (US & AU), Lawrence Bird (CA), Patrick Lichty (US), Dave Miller & Gavin Stewart (UK), The Force of Freedom (NL) and Dave Young (NL).

[1] Jamie Doward. Rise of drones in UK airspace prompts civil liberties warning. Sunday 7 Oct 2012

Movable Borders: Here Come the Drones!

Event Title: Movable Borders: Here Come the Drones!
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