Maurice Carlin - First... Next...Then... Finally...

Castlefield Gallery is pleased to present its second Launch Pad project, a solo exhibition by emerging artist Maurice Carlin. Selected through open submission by a panel including Bryan Biggs, Director of the Bluecoat, Carlin’s exhibition will feature new work exploring the medium of print, publishing and performance often produced within the public realm. Launch Pad offers a CG Associate member the opportunity to use the gallery as a test bed for the production, display and consumption of contemporary art.

After completing an art foundation course in 2007, Carlin actively stepped out of the formal education system by co-founding Islington Mill Art Academy, a peer-led experiment into alternative forms of artist education, recently featured in Frieze, A N and Corridor 8 magazines. Respectively Carlin’s practice has developed from a unique context within the vibrant independent art and music scenes in Manchester.

Major works in the exhibition will include Corrupted Images - analogue relief prints of surfaces referencing the first print/publishing techniques developed in ancient China - produced on a busy high street in Manchester which served as a temporary studio. Blue (Sleep Mode) a collaboration with renowned artist David Medalla, depicts Medalla wandering through the streets of Salford at night with a mobile projector, illuminating details of the walls and surfaces of the city. In Screenscans, glitch snippets of television programmes are collected on a handheld digital document scanner. These captured moments of day to day broadcasting are outputted as large, filmic, storyboard like prints, both suggesting and distorting narratives.

Carlin’s work has a beguiling simplicity and directness, often belying a complex web of ideas, explored through a variety of media and approaches. An openness to the possibilities within an arts practice is evident in his work, something almost certainly arising from the independence and freedom of a non University education.
Maurice Carlin - First... Next...Then... Finally...

Event Title: Maurice Carlin - First... Next...Then... Finally...
Postcode: 2 Hewitt St, Manchester M15 4GB
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