Gordon Dalton and S Mark Gubb - Everyone Knows This Is Nowhere

Artists Gordon Dalton & S Mark Gubb went on a road trip through America as the basis of their exhibition at Castlefield Gallery. The third and final instalment of an unrelated trilogy, Everyone Knows This Is Nowhere follows Dalton & Gubb's previous encounters in the Battle of Forest Hills and the Memphis Preacher radio rants of Kick Out The Jams.

After landing in Los Angeles, California, the non-collaborative duo set off on a 2-week road trip hoping to reach their final destination of Snake River Canyon, Idaho. This gaping chasm is famous for the gloriously failed attempt by Evel Knievel to jump the canyon.

Sun-kissed and script-less, Dalton & Gubb were on a search for defining points in their overly nostalgic, sentimental shared cultural history. For the first time, the pair will try and tell the truth, or at least a version of the truth.

Two men. Two cameras. One car and a pocket full of gas money; a road-trip in to the frail consciousness of a nation obsessed with success. Two people exploring the role of the artist, the artist as (anti)hero and their personal relationships with American culture and history; both the culture and politics of today and the aspirational, superstar culture of their youth. A pilgrimage to engage in an impossible dream and the inevitable crash down to earth, both physically and aspirationally.

ĎFollow your dreams, no matter what they are or youíll never amount to anything. Itís better to take a chance in life than to never take a chance. Iím not saying to go and jump a canyon, but you have to take chances. Next time, Iíll take moreí. Evel Knievel
Gordon Dalton and S Mark Gubb - Everyone Knows This Is Nowhere

Event Title: Gordon Dalton and S Mark Gubb - Everyone Knows This Is Nowhere
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