Phil Collins - This Unfortunate Thing Between Us

Two second-hand caravans host the UK premiere of This Unfortunate Thing Between Us. First performed in September 2011 and broadcast live on German digital television, TUTBU TV is an alternative home shopping channel selling real life experiences at promotional prices, in place of mass-produced commodities.

Hosted by a crew of actors and porn workers, and featuring live music by Gruff Rhys and Y Niwl, This Unfortunate Thing Between Us follows the logic and grammar of the teleshopping channel, including pitches, sales and phone-ins. Instead of commodities, viewers are offered a choice of experiences at promotional prices. Providing an opportunity to face up to our contemporary desires and fears, TUTBU TV brings together a live audience and home viewers for a glimpse of what may well prove to be the future of consumerism.

'I've always been excited by the unspoken promise of teleshopping and the glaring gap at its very heart,' says Collins. 'If instead of cheap jewellery and lawnmowers it could sell us fantasies, what would we choose? And how can a performance open up to interaction with a world outside the theatre? Monotony is a malady of our age, and I liked to imagine an audience of unsuspecting channel hoppers, pregnant teenagers, insomniacs, the unemployed, amateurs, philistines, aesthetes and, of course, senior citizens (65 and over) watching at home, stumbling upon something beautiful and wild, delicate and barbed.'
Phil Collins - This Unfortunate Thing Between Us

Event Title: Phil Collins - This Unfortunate Thing Between Us
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