I Is AnOther

A barber's chair and falling dominoes feature in part two of I Is AnOther - a New Art Exchange exhibition exploring issues surrounding contemporary notions of identity by celebrating Jamaica's 50th anniversary of independence.

Through a presentation of the best contemporary talent in sculpture, painting, installation, film and video from across the diverse Jamaican diaspora, part two of I Is AnOther shifts focus from addressing the impact of ancestral and historical influences on identity, as identified in part one; to the impact of an environment on a sense of self, providing a timely call for an independence of critical thought with regard to the island's rich artistic community.

'Cultural stereotypes prevail in which indigenous food is never considered fine cuisine; locally made fashion cannot compete as couture; and local art fights classification as that more lowly cousin, craft,' she said.
Part one of I Is AnOther, launched in September, comprised of work by Storm Saulter, Hurvin Anderson, and Nari Ward. Part two of I Is AnOther introduces to the exhibition new work by mixed media artist Ebony G. Patterson who is presenting in the UK for the first time, as well as photographer/filmmaker Peter Dean Rickards. Part two will also include new works from Hurvin Anderson and Nari Ward.
Skinder Hundal, Chief Executive of New Art Exchange, said he hopes the public will absorb the content of I Is AnOther to better understand not only an evolving Jamaican identity, but also the influence of stereotype and archetype in shaping a contemporary notion of the self.

'I Is AnOther celebrates and critiques Jamaican national identity, I hope audiences also absorb the universal conundrum of perceived identity versus the self-expression of identity presented in these works,' he said.
I Is AnOther

Event Title: I Is AnOther
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