Economies of Generosity Symposium / The Horse's Teeth

Returning to Liverpool for its second year, Giving in to Gift presents The Economies of Generosity symposium and The Horse's Teeth series of performances.


Sat 1 Dec 2012, 11am – 5pm
The Bluecoat, School Lane, Liverpool

A day of presentations and discussion, the Economies of Generosity symposium provides an opportunity to explore the role of gift-giving and generosity in both capitalist and alternative economies, as thought through themes of education, sponsorship, volunteering, piracy and theft.

Contributors include:

-James Hill (Black Dogs, Art in Unusual Spaces)
-Bluecoat staff and volunteers
-Mel Evans (PLATFORM)
-Grace Harrison (Independent researcher and artist)
-Cat Moir, Charlotte A Morgan, Rob Quirk and Terry Slater (Homeland)

For further details on speakers and themes, please visit the Giving into Gift website

*This event is free but booking is advised, please contact Bluecoat Tickets and Information on 0151 702 5324 or info[at] to reserve tickets*


Mon 26 – Fri 30 Nov 2012
The Bluecoat, School Lane, Liverpool and throughout the city.

Richard Layzell - Fen Hóng Sè greatticket to sticket to
A durational piece in which all the litter in Liverpool's Chinatown is spray-painted pink.

Mamoru IriguchiHand Wash with Similar (an investigation into the Utopian potential of clothes-swapping)
A performative clothes-swapping party with a focus on the operation of gender roles in relation to definitions of utopia and participating in clothes swap parties.

Rachel GommeBodies in Space
Through a series of interactions between viewer and performer, Bodies in Space marks the changes in space when two people meet.

Taylan HaliciWork Fair
An inversion of the normal employer / employee dynamic. The employer is paid for providing work.

Britt JurgensenGifts to the Dead
In a forgotten cemetery, 80 gifts are made to 80 dead individuals who share a name with 80 who are still alive.

Jordan MackenzieThe Belated Gift
Sometimes, for any manner of reasons, a gift is not given at the anticipated time.

This performance is one such gift. It will not happen at the time at which it should (and anyway, obligation and gift make awkward bedfellows).

Over the course of the project, Tim Jeeves (the donating artist) developed these 6 pieces, before offering the authorship of each work, as gift, to the 6 recipient artists named above.

By accepting this gifted work, the recipient has assumed all future rights of representation and adaptation of the work.

For more information and to book tickets, please visit the Giving into Gift website.
Economies of Generosity Symposium / The Horse's Teeth

Event Title: Economies of Generosity Symposium / The Horse's Teeth
Postcode: The Bluecoat, School Lane, Liverpool L1 3BX
Further Details:
-Visit the Giving into Gift website" target="_blank"> -Visit the Giving into Gift website