A group exhibition that considers the idea of incompletion through the imagined and real spaces of architecture.

Amikam Toren | Bernice Donszelmann | Louisa Minkin & Francis Summers | Mary Maclean | Richard Healy | Ruth Proctor | Sally Morfill | Tim Renshaw | Yonatan Vinitsky

For ONE AND ONE AND ONE the participating artists explore the ambient qualities of architectural atmosphere through works that, through their process of production, offer a concept of space that is not static. Freed from reaching a point of conclusion (through the withholding of information), the resulting structures create an absence that generates new material languages.

At the heart of this exhibition, is the perception of the incomplete or a space that is begun and worked upon within its own particular suspended history. In this unsettling absence of concrete information or related historical context, audiences must engage with a willful open-endedness and confront distractions that bring their peripheral imagination into play and in which margins can touch, overlap, rub up against each other, but due to the different shapes of their limits they are bound to never fit into each other completely.Verwoert, J. 2007 Forget the National: Perform the International in the Key of the Local (and vice versa).

The works in this exhibition draw on concepts of architectural materiality, a hypothesis of space and our perception of the built environment.

Discussion Event
Sunday 21 October 3 - 5pm
Conversing on the Incomplete

The incomplete and associated terms such as the fragment and the ruin have had a central place in discourse around the arts, architecture and contemporary experience, shifting away from ideals of wholeness and unity.

Always dynamic and in process, incompleteness occupies a field of tension. This can be address through its elastic relation to time. It operates both as radical potential and as a site of an abandoned or eradicated historical continuum.

The theme of the incomplete and its related lines of enquiry will be developed in an afternoon of short talks by Ian Hunt, David Ryan and Ciara Healy.

Ian Hunt is a writer and a critic. David Ryan is an artist, musician and writer. Ciara Healy is an artist and writer.

Gallery performance 2.30pm
Ruth Proctor: You’re always wanting to be somewhere else

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