CAVE - a new and unique model of art fair

This September Liverpool will play host to CAVE - a new and unique model of art fair.

Housed in Baltic Creative’s new Campus building, CAVE will give visitors the opportunity to discover the work of 45 of the UK’s most exciting and currently unrepresented artists, offering the opportunity to buy work ranging in price from £10 - £3000, straight from the creator. What makes CAVE unique is its focus on the artist with the organisers taking no commission or exhibition fees; the full sale price of each art work goes directly to the artist.

Coinciding with the opening of the Liverpool Biennial 2012, CAVE will run from 13th - 16th September, existing independently of but alongside the festival. CAVE aims to give emerging artists an ambitious sales and exhibition platform and the opportunity to engage with wide audiences who are invited to explore the dynamic of buying directly from the artist in a contemporary art fair environment. Playing on its independent position; CAVE is exhibiting some of the most exciting art being produced in the UK today. Painting, drawing, sculpture and film will exist alongside performative encounters, secret talks and urban shamanic rituals.


Alex Hetherington - Alexis Dirks - Ally Wallace - Ana Genovés - Andrew Maughan - Beagles & Ramsey - Ben Wheele - Chloe Brooks - Christian Newby - Claire Davies - Damien Meade - Elizabeth Murphy - Emily Musgrave - Emily Speed - Frances Stacey - Hamish McLain - James Clarkson - James McLardy - James Quin - Jason Thompson - Jo Addison - Joel Wyllie - Kitty Clark - LOWPROFILE - Madeline Hall - Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau - Matt Welch - Melissa Jordan - Mimei Thompson - Nicki McCubbing - Oliver Braid - Pil & Galia Kollectiv - Rachel Maclean - Rafal Topolewski - Rebecca Gould - Richard Proffitt - Sam Venables - Sarah Bowker-Jones - Simon Newby - Thomas Whittle - Thorbjørn Andersen - Tom Godfrey - Tom Hobson - Tom Nolan - Yelena Popova

Performative Encounters:

Oliver Braid's 'Sincerity Shoe', an eclectic 'unplugged' presentation and group discussion encompassing the ideas, problems and motivations encountered during Oliver's 'year of seriousness'.
Everyday at 2pm (tickets can be purchased in advance here)

LOWPROFILE present Asparamancy, a personally developed fortune telling technique, combining the practice of I Ching with 'asparamancing' to provide a winning combination.
Various times (Thursday - Saturday)
Happy Hour between 11am - 12noon

Sam Venables' Shit Salon ft. The Wayne Coat. Since གྷ is a pop up hair salon endorsed by artist and musician Jan Terri of Chicago, Illinois, featuring the one and only Wayne Coat, a Suzuki GN 125, Spider Plant and all the lolz you want from that hairdresser you don't want to chat shit to. A rumour started in early twenty eleven that Sam Venables could cut hair. She can't cut hair, come and get your hair cut.
Various times (Thursday - Saturday)

Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau will present A Short Essay or Lecture about Anal, a performance with drawings about the confluence of the subject and the object, the internal and external, and the real and imagined.
Various times (Thursday - Sunday)
£5 (including a drink)

Alongside Lanyards, a very special intervention on our opening night by collaborative duo 70/30. Providing an alternative system of hierarchy; for those that love hierarchy.
CAVE - a new and unique model of art fair

Event Title: CAVE - a new and unique model of art fair
Postcode: Baltic Creative Campus, Jamaica St, Liverpool L1 0BW
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