public works - can you show me the space

A programme of presentations, mapping workshops, exhibition and publications, organised by the art/architecture collective public works, Stanley Picker Fellows in Design at the Faculty of Art, Design & Architecture, Kingston University. With contributions by: Agents of Change, Alex Warnock Smith, Anna Mansfield, atelier d’architecture autogérée, Can Altay, City Mine(d), Dorian Moore, drmm architects, Elizabeth Price, Jonathan Kraut, Julie Scott, Markus Miessen, Mehrdad Seyf, Peter Arlt, Polly Brannan, Robert Mull and others.

public works are a London-based art and architecture collective with a strong interest in the co-existence of informal and formal social networks within architectural structures. Their practice includes a wide range of participatory public realm projects.

Can you show me the space points to a conceptual and practical need within design disciplines, to capture, visualise and acknowledge social and informal phenomena as part of architectural production. The representation of space within design/architecture is primarily focused on the description of the built form. Everyday life demonstrates that programmes and social networks are not confined to single built structures. Instead they spread across sites, time and relationships, and create new networks of spaces that we all use but almost never acknowledge or recognise as spatial constructs.

Can you show me the space offers different public platforms to explore five theme-based blocks: Setting a Setting; Representation of Relational Spaces; Mapping the Centre of Useless Splendour; Architecture as Extended Social Space and Relational Mapping Tools. Each block will result in a fanzine of visual material accompanied by a commissioned essay, available throughout the exhibition and launched at the end of the exhibition as a compiled publication.

For full details of the programme visit the Stanley Picker Gallery website.
public works - can you show me the space

Event Title: public works - can you show me the space
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