Lana Lin plus two free events

Gasworks presents the first UK solo exhibition by New York-based artist Lana Lin.

Since the early 1990s, Lin has developed a rich body of film and video work dealing with the processes of identification, memory and the politics of translation. These works are largely informed by experimental and documentary filmmaking and raise questions about media representation and the sense of estrangement it can produce. Bringing together films, videos and video installations from the 1990s and early 2000s, her exhibition at Gasworks speculates on the problems of translation across cultures, whether between the so-called East and West, or between our world and other worlds.

Stranger Baby is a 16mm mock science fiction film that explores what it means to be human or considered 'alien'. We see a woman haunted by an androgynous apparition and curious faces flickering on a television screen. This is overlaid with a soundtrack composed of viewers’ speculations on the film’s images. Their conflicting responses, marked by anxiety, reveal ready-made assumptions with a racial politics at their root.

Taiwan Video Club profiles a group of Asian immigrants who collect and trade videotapes of their favourite epics broadcast daily in Taiwan. Drawing a connection between electronic and cultural forms of translation, this video explores how notions of value are culturally determined. Also set in Taiwan, with a brief venture to France, the video installation Mysterial Power documents the artist's struggle as both an observer and participant in her Taiwanese family’s daily life and religious practice. With this installation – which is inspired by Lin’s adolescent cousin, who communicates with one of the Taiwanese local gods – the figure of the spiritual medium acts as a translator between different realms of experience.

Presenting these films and installations together for the first time, this exhibition foregrounds Lin's long-standing interest in what is at stake in processes of translation and identification, both personally and politically.

Also coming up at Gasworks:

PERFORMATIVE TALK: de-fencing by Francisca Benítez
Tue 11 Sep 2012, 7pm

Artist in residence Francisca Benítez presents her current research and and recent projects: from de-fence LNP, a site-specific performance piece for 26 dancers and 13 existing barricades at Louise Nevelson Plaza in New York City, to her upcoming show at the MAVI in Santiago, Chile, where she plans to transform the exhibition space into a fully functioning sign language school.
This talk will be translated simultaneously into British Sign Language.

Sun 30 Sep 2012, 12pm (meet at Gasworks)

Join residency artist Francisca Benítez on this walk through London, exploring the many sites of protest and conflict throughout the city's history. The walk is both an opportunity for the artist to discover the city and for Londoners to see it in a new light. As the walk develops, informal exchanges will take place, stories will unfold, information will be revealed, details will be discovered and situations will be discussed.

All events are free.
Please email booking[at] to reserve your place.
Lana Lin plus two free events

Event Title: Lana Lin plus two free events
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