Kathryn Cooper - Where do all the tea bags go?

Kathryn Cooper's residency is entitled 'Where do all the tea bags go?' and takes tea as a starting point to examine resource use, consumption, ecology and global trade.

An extract from 'The Ecology of Making a Cup of Tea' by Kathryn Cooper:

How can an artist who likes to make things: sculpture, installations, books and pictures on paper and canvas, operate in a way that works towards a culture of sustainable consumption? How can an artist operate and be aware of the problems of unsustainable consumption, on an individual and global level, and not be complicit in encouraging and profiting from that same unsustainable consumption?

If we think of Ecology as ‘the study of relationships between an individual and their cultural, social, economic and natural domains’*, then I’m trying to look at the systems and links that make up the ecosystem that I have currently found myself in.

* Michaela Crimmin and Bronac Ferran, ‘Land, Art: A Cultural Ecology Handbook’, London, 2006
Kathryn Cooper - Where do all the tea bags go?

Event Title: Kathryn Cooper - Where do all the tea bags go?
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