The Humble Market - Trade Secrets

Part performance, part experience, Trade Secrets presents us with a universe threatened with complete control. Using the lens of the marketplace to ask, "What do we really trade? What should be traded? And what cannot be bought?"

Trade Secrets is inspired by the spectacular rise of Brazil as an economic power and the trading cities of the Northwest in the UK and Southeast in Brazil. Through a choreographed journey of interactive vehicles expect intimate provocations that confront us with the follies of mass consumerism. The Humble Market: Trade Secrets is presented as part of the Abandon Normal Devices festival, which is taking place across the region in 2012.

Visitors wishing to see Trade Secrets must do so as part of regular tours that depart each day. For information about visiting Trade Secrets visit the Humble Market webpage.

The Humble Market is a co-production between Abandon Normal Devices, FACT and Derry-Londonderry City of Culture 2013 and WE PLAY, commissioned by AND, FACT, WE PLAY Expo and Derry-Londonderry City of Culture 2013 and London 2012 Festival funded by Legacy Trust UK and Arts Council England.
The Humble Market - Trade Secrets

Event Title: The Humble Market - Trade Secrets
Postcode: FACT, 88 Wood St, Liverpool L1 4DQ
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