Pub(lic) conversation about studios and artists workspace in Birmingham

In December, after a six month stay of execution, Birmingham Artists will lose the subsidy for their studios at Lee Bank. This space was the only Birmingham City Council subsidised artistsí workspace in the city. Meanwhile other studios (including those the majority of Self Service members inhabit) are in privately owned buildings that are often cold, damp, insecure and uninsurable.

Self Service feel this most recent withdrawal of support for artistsí practice, should act as a catalyst for a wider discussion about the lack of affordable, fit for purpose studio provision and production facilities in the city

How should artists in Birmingham respond to the councilís action?
Could artists be doing more to demonstrate the intrinsic value of arts practice to the city?
Are successful models for studio provision just about providing artists with space to work?
Is the Creative Industries agenda at odds with the realities of most artists' practice?

With these, and many more, questions in mind we have invited Lucy Byatt, Artistic Director of Spke Island to host a pub(lic) conversation around this issue.

Booking is essential
Everyone is welcome, though as we are limited by space.

Spike Island is a national centre for the production and exhibition of contemporary art. Located in Bristol, Spike offers excellent studios as well as project and exhibition space for the making and showing of ambitious new work. Spike Island emerged from an artist run initiative developed in the late 70ís, Bristol Art Space. Whilst it is no longer Ďartist runí the values of support to artists and those developing their career within the contemporary visual arts remains a high priority. Lucy Byatt has been Artistic Director since September Ď02
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Currently Self Service is Tom Bloor, Jo Capper, Mona Casey, Faye Claridge, Ruth Claxton, Greg Cox, John Hall, Cheryl Jones, Nikki Pugh, Liz Rowe and Matt Westbrook.