Invisible Forces

Featuring: Class Wargames, Kimathi Donkor, The Hexists, IOCOSE, Dave Miller, Laura Oldfield Ford, Edward Picot, Olga P Massanet and Thomas Cade Aston, and YoHa.

"I'm as angry as hell and I'm not going to take it any more!" - Howard Beale, Network 1976

Our social, economic and cultural institutions are being dismantled. Control over the provision of social care, urban and rural development, education and freedom of expression, is being redistributed to private enterprise at a global level.

Undeterred, the artists in this exhibition meet these challenges with clear eyes, spontaneity, experimentation and a sense of adventure. The resulting mix of installations, digital video, net art, painting and drawings deal with conspiracy, money, politics, hidden signals and frustration fatigue.

As we scan our cultures for maps, role-models, possible ways of living in today's world, we often encounter images of society that are created by its hidden, controlling forces. By naming, revealing, tracking, playing, making, subverting and transforming tools, circumstances and figures that give rise to current crises we enlarge the debate and extend our freedoms. And the artists in this exhibition offer examples of just some of the ways in which this might be done.

Image: Dr Hairy In..., Edward Picot (2010 - onwards)
Invisible Forces

Event Title: Invisible Forces
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