Auto Italia LIVE at the ICA - Double Dip Concession

Auto Italia South East presents Auto Italia LIVE, an artist-run Live TV show performed before a studio audience and broadcast over the internet. Working in collaboration with Auto Italia, artists will develop new work for this one-off episode which engages directly with the format of live television.

Featuring a full camera crew, lighting technicians, directors, performers, script writers, production designers and set builders, artists will engage with all aspects of Live TV production. This new episode is engaging directly in contemporary broadcast culture as a space for new work and how physical communities use the Internet to distribute ideas. Reflecting on the opportunities this opens up to artists, the episode will use the formal techniques of Live TV � its camera moves, soundtrack, catch phrases and live-editing � in order to create a new space and to critically engage with what it means to be making Live TV now.

This Episode will explore the possibility for TV to create new territories and realities in which to make work. It aims to be a proposal for how artists can produce live broadcast work in collaboration and act as a unique place for artists to create their collective context and distribute their work.

This broadcast will also mark Auto Italia's 5th anniversary. Since it's inception, Auto Italia has developed a body of work which represents an artist-led approach to collaborative art practice in London, creating its own context for both the production and distribution of work. Auto Italia has produced over 45 separate projects since 2007 working across multiple formats spanning live broadcast, festivals, performance, sculpture, video, film production and publication. It has collaborated with music promotors and record label Upset the Rhythm, Europe�s only women�s film distributor Cinenova, the �ultra-leftist� bloggers Detteritorial Support Group alongside many other artists and individuals.

Participating artists and filmakers:
Nathan Budzinski, Benedict Drew, Robert Carter, Simon Guzylack, Andrew Kerton, Leslie Kulesh, Huw Lemmy, Francesco Pedraglio, Lorenzo Tebano Jess Weisner.

In collaboration with: Giorgio Bosisio, Luke Collins, Theo Cook, Paul Crompton, Aoife Flynn, Marianne Forrest, Mette Juhl, George Moustakas, Elly Nakajima, Henry Petrides, Laurence Price, Radiance Audio, Sonia Rodriguez Serrano, Matt Welch.
Auto Italia LIVE at the ICA - Double Dip Concession

Event Title: Auto Italia LIVE at the ICA - Double Dip Concession
Postcode: Institute of Contemporary Arts, The Mall, London, SW1Y 5AH
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