Event Show - Fischli And Weiss, The Way Things Go

EVENT SHOW / THE WAY THINGS GO / A WAY OF DOING THINGS is the final exhibition as part of the Exhibition as Medium Programme. It is a project that concentrates on collaborative working processes, focusing on research and discussion as major factors in the art-making process, rather than making and showing. It attempts to unravel working and thinking and push these often hidden processes public.

Event Show will also re-imagine how an artwork can be utilised, in this case Fischli and Weiss' The Way Things Go. This now seminal work by the Swiss duo will be screened as a beginning point in the project, but will also be used as an analogy and model for the working processes involved throughout Event Show.

We can substitute the tyres, ladders, planks of wood, containers, contraptions and place artists, curators, thinkers, producers in their place.

We can do the same with the processes at work in the film - igniting, flowing, spilling, rolling, pouring, propelling, catapulting, firing, dissolving can all be replaced with artistic processes - thinking, researching, discussing, collaborating, doing, trying.

The Way Things Go shifts from being an artwork to be consumed, to something more - it becomes a suggestion, a beginning, middle and the end of a discussion, an omnipresent factor in the entire working process.

It becomes a score for Event Show.

There will be more events as part of EVENT SHOW by the following artists:
Ruth Beale
Karen Di Franco
Neal White
No Fixed Abode

The screening of Fischli and Weiss' The Way Things Go will be introduced by Jeremy Millar, author of The Way Things Go, published by Afterall Books.
Event Show - Fischli And Weiss, The Way Things Go

Event Title: Event Show - Fischli And Weiss, The Way Things Go
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