The function of the oblique

"In 1963 Claude Parent and Paul Virilio formed the Architecture Principe group with the aim of investigating a new kind of architectural and urban order. Rejecting the two fundamental directions of Euclidean space, they proclaimed 'the end of the vertical as the axis of elevation' and 'the end of the
horizontal as the permanent plane': Out With Manhattan, Out With Old Villages. In place of the right angle, they adopted 'the function of the oblique,' which they believed would have the benefit of multiplying usable space. But what exactly was 'the function of the oblique'? For the Architecture Principe group, it was a new means of appropriating space, very much inspired by a Gestalt psychology of form, which promoted continuous, fluid movement and forced the body to adapt to instability: 'While the enclosed and the cryptic lie at the origins of this new era of architecture we must also recognize within the sense of disequilibrium, of vertigo, the second archetype of this art of space.'

Taking inspiration from Virilio' s "function of the oblique" used as a tool to appropriate space in new ways and create instability or unexpected outputs, the majority of artists invited reflect with different perspectives and operate through different practices the notion of Space in its broader sense, using it as a tool, reverting its definitions and searching new terms in its representation and conception.

Participating Artists:
Shan Hur
Minae Kim
Jinhee Park
Sebastian Acker
Nicolas Feldmeyer
Tobias Zehnter

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The function of the oblique

Event Title: The function of the oblique
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