Neue Slowenische Kunst 1984-1992

CHELSEA space proudly presents Neue Slowenische Kunst 1984-1992, a timely show dedicated to radical Slovenian art collective Neue Slowenische Kunst (New Slovenian Art), focussing on key members: Laibach, IRWIN, New Collectivism and Scipion Nasice Sisters Theatre, tracing the impact of their work and the important role London played in the collective’s activities.

Neue Slowenische Kunst emerged in the early 1980’s in the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and is widely considered the last true avant-garde of the twentieth century, critically reflecting on totalitarianism across visual art, theatre, music, performance, design and theory. Beyond the popular culture references and subversive music of Laibach, the wider activities of Neue Slowenische Kunst have been overlooked in the UK, especially the connections between Ljubljana and London.

Drawing on material sourced from various archives covering the period 1984 – 1992, including the Laibach Kunst, IRWIN, and New Collectivism archives in Ljubljana, as well as the archive of David Gothard in London, this show will feature photographs, posters, catalogues, and video documentation, alongside numerous articles published in the UK that relate to exhibitions, performances and concerts by Neue Slowenische Kunst.

The show also marks a distinct component in a unique three-part presentation of Neue Slowenische Kunst’s activities in co-operation with TATE Modern and Calvert 22, and will provide a fascinating insight into the complexities of one of the most important artistic movements to emerge from Eastern Europe.

Highlights in the exhibition include material from theatre performance, Marija Nablocka (1985) by Scipion Nasice Sisters Theatre, directed by Dragan Živadinov, which took place at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, hosted by Richard Demarco. As well as, material from the exhibition Was ist Kunst by IRWIN at AIR Gallery and Riverside Studios, London in 1987, and from the performance, No Fire Escape in Hell (1986) by Michael Clark & Company featuring Laibach.

Curated by Michele Drascek.


Exhibition presented as a component in a unique three-part presentation organised in cooperation with TATE Modern and Calvert 22. CHELSEA space presents Neue Slowenische Kunst archive material from 1984-1992, alongside a symposium and Turbine Hall concert by Laibach at TATE Modern and a survey show of publications and films at Calvert 22.

As with each exhibition at Chelsea Space, a new publication will accompany the show, featuring a specially written text by curator Michele Drascek, David Gothard and Alexei Monroe.

Exhibition supported by the British Council in Slovenia.
Neue Slowenische Kunst 1984-1992

Event Title: Neue Slowenische Kunst 1984-1992
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