Analogue & Digital - Curated by Chris Meigh-Andrews

Artists have been experimenting with the electronic moving image since the early 1970’s and recent developments in digital technology have further expanded and enhanced the creative potential of the medium. Moving image work is now widely accepted on a par with older, more established media such as painting, sculpture and photography, but this has not always been the case: there are several generations of artists whose work is less widely known but who have made an important contribution to the development of the medium. Analogue & Digital presents a selection of new digital moving image works- projections, installations and screen-based video in dialogue with a wide-ranging selection of pioneering British single-screen videotapes from the 70s and 80s from the international touring exhibition “Analogue”, featured last year at Tate Britain.

Historical works were selected to represent the diversity of themes and aesthetic concerns of artists working in the UK during the 70s - 80’s, charting the development of video as a medium for artistic expression that developed alongside the rapid technological changes that took place during this period. Many of the issues and concerns that artists still pursue with the moving image were born during this early formative period when an engagement with the specific nature of the medium was at the centre of a revolution in art practices. The historical selection of the exhibition includes two one-hour programmes of short works or representative extracts from longer works of artists who have made a significant contribution to the development of the medium during the first two formative decades of the history of the medium. Analogue & Digital premieres a number of significant and innovative new works selected to demonstrate and highlight the continuing development of electronic moving image work, celebrating its diversity and scope.

Featured artists: George Barber, Ian Bourn, Vince Briffa, Robert Cahen, Cinzia Cremona, David Critchley, Andrew Demirjian, Peter Donebauer, Catherine Elwes, Terry Flaxton, Sera Furneaux, Judith Goddard, Akiko Hada, David Hall, Mick Hartney, Mona Hatoum, Steve Hawley, Denise Hawrysio & John Wynne, Pictorial Heroes, Gary Hill, John Hopkins, David Johnson, Tina Keane, Tamara Krikorian, Steve Littman, Stuart Marshall, Chris Meigh-Andrews, Katharine Meynell, Marceline Mori, Pratibha Parmar, Stephen Partridge & Elaine Shemilt, John Scarlett-Davis, Dallas Seitz, Tony Sinden, Terry Smith, Marty St. James & Ann Wilson, Magda Stawarska-Beavan, Mike Stubbs, Gorilla Tapes, Steina & Woody Vasulka, Jeremy Welsh, Cerith Wyn-Evans, Graham Young
Analogue & Digital - Curated by Chris Meigh-Andrews

Event Title: Analogue & Digital - Curated by Chris Meigh-Andrews
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