Being Seen, Being Heard

Organised by Theron Schmidt, Lecturer in Theatre & Performance Studies at King’s College London.

‘Politics revolves around what is seen and what can be said about it, around who has the ability to see and the talent to speak.’ Jacques Rancière.

This one-day symposium brings together artists, scholars, and curators to explore the ways in which all three are active in shaping the contexts in which artistic work is produced and experienced: that is, how it is seen and how it is heard.

We will combine traditional scholarly presentations with artistic interventions and innovatively structured discussions, creating a conversation that crosses over boundaries between academic research, artistic practice, and the creative industries.

Featuring keynote addresses from:

John McGrath, artistic director of National Theatre Wales and author of Loving Big Brother: Performance, Privacy, and Surveillance Space.

Lena Simic of The Institute for the Art and Practice of Dissent at Home

Lorena Rivero de Beer, Committee for The Free University of Liverpool

Also featuring lecture-performances from Alison Grace, The Everyday Cosmonaut (Johanna Linsley and Sophie Robison), and Present Attempt, as well as scholarly papers and sharings of practice from Charlotte Bell, Simon Bowes, Lee Campbell, Nicola Conibere, Ella Finer, Lynne McCarthy, Tom Richards, Roberto Sanchez-Camus, and Conohar Scott.

We are also very happy to be joined by Brazilian artists Thelma Bonavita, creator of the Tropicalia-inspired I am a Gogoia Fruit (free for all symposium delegates), and Gustavo Ciriaco, creator of Aqui enquanto caminhamos (Here whilst we walk, 2006) and artistic director of Teatro Cacilda Becker (Rio de Janeiro).

£30/£20 (includes lunch and performance)

For tickets and further info visit the Chelsea Theatre website.
Being Seen, Being Heard

Event Title: Being Seen, Being Heard
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