ZOO FORTY TWO - Artists in residency/captivity

42 New Briggate Gallery proudly presents a week long residency of the artists Alex Farrar, Iona Smith and Harry Meadley. The Gallery will be converted into a Zoo enclosure in which the artists will have to live in captivity under the observation of a public audience.

They will be relying solely upon their patrons to provide them with food, these patrons having previously declared themselves as part of of the artists' Public Art Announcement conscription. Visitors to the zoo may also identify themselves as patrons by supplying the artists
with nutrition at the feeding times.

There will be two feeding times a day at 12:30PM and 5:30PM. Viewing is recommended at these times as the artists will be lured into clear view.
The Zoo is closed on Sundays.


You are cordially invited to the private view of Zoo Forty Two. The only occasion to enter the enclosure.

Coinciding with this event, will be the launch of A Latento Vol. 1, a published exhibition of works elaborating on the practices of Iona Smith, Harry Meadley and Alex Farrar. Limited editions will be given away free. Refreshments provided.

ZOO FORTY TWO is part of a three week residency programme at 42 New Briggate Gallery from 14 Nov - 5 Dec 2007. A showcase exhibition of work will be held 13 Dec 6 - 8pm all are welcome.