Step Across this Line

Asia House, the UK's leading Pan-Asian organisation, is proud to present Step Across this Line: Contemporary Art from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. Curated by New Delhi based independent art critic and curator Deeksha Nath, the exhibition features the work of cutting-edge contemporary artists from three countries of South Asia. Despite political and religious divides and problematic histories this new �post-national� generation shares ideas and visions, stepping across the lines that divide them. Their work, in various media including video and installation, explores their colonial past, modern history and current regional, national and global identities.

The title of the exhibition, borrowed from Salman Rushdie's collection of essays, draws attention to how lines on maps can connect individuals, they can divide communities and so when they are drawn they are drawn across peoples lives. It thus calls into play the role of lines as boundaries but then also issues an invitation to cross the line, metaphorically, imaginatively and humanistically. This exhibition poses a larger question: Can we consider what we mean to each other? Do we love or hate? Do we love and hate? Can we be friends and enemies and, most importantly, how can we be simultaneously context-specific, proud and post-national?

Considering the regions� intertwined histories, cultures and communities and thus inherent knowledge of one another, what will yet another meeting accomplish? Throw in this mix the colonial history that ties the four nations (including the host country of this exhibition) together and you have created a situation for yet another meeting, another glimpse, another recognition and another conversation in a never-ending exchange which happens in fits and spurts, in continuation, in love and in hate, in exhaustion and hope.

The artists participating in this exhibition are Naeem Mohaiemen, Wakil Rahman, Saira Ansari, Mehreen Murtaza, Abhishek Hazra, Priya Sen, Hasan Elahi, Unum Babar, Firoz Mahmud , Malik Sajad, Gauri Gill, CAMP (Shaina Anand and Ashok Sukumaran) and Asim Waqif. The curator Deeksha Nath will function both as an insider and outsider as she has never visited Pakistan or Bangladesh but has lived and studied in London and now resides in New Delhi.

Private View: Thu 13 Oct 2011, 5.45-8.30pm
With drinks supplied by Cobra Beer and food by Royal Foods/Bombay Halwa.
Step Across this Line

Event Title: Step Across this Line
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