Harriet Hill and Jenny Steele - MULTIPLE OCCUPANCY

MULTIPLE OCCUPANCY is a 2 person exhibition by Harriet Hill and Jenny Steele that explores the in-habitation and use of space within the built environment of the Faircharm Trading Estate and the Hatch Space studios themselves. MULTIPLE OCCUPANCY aims to record, reflect and celebrate the current activity in these mixed-use spaces within this heterogeneous community.

For MULTIPLE OCCUPANCY, Harriet Hill presents a sculptural work made as a response to the microcosm of Hatch Space studios. She works viscerally, with the particular, physical structure of the space and the idea of it as both a self contained gallery and an expanded corridor: a mutable interstice with doors leading off into the autonomous spaces of the artists studios.

Jenny Steele exhibits a map that charts movement and spatial use within the micro community of the Faircharm Trading Estate. For the past month, she has spent time questioning and observing the businesses, organisations and individuals that occupy this multi-functional block of units. The work is informed by social anthropologist Timothy Ingold's research that highlights the static nature of maps, that are unrepresentative of physical in-habitation.

For an Open Day event on Saturday 22 October 2011, Hill and Steele have invited other artists to co-occupy the gallery space. Artists: Ahmed & Carpenter, Hannah Doyle, John Deller, Inigo Rousham, Lucia Serenkova, Penny Skerrett and Nicola Smith will show film and video works that explore themes of multiple occupancy from different perspectives. Frog Morris will perform poetry about the local community of Deptford, and Manchester based Matthew Bamber will bring a live streaming of his own studio to Hatch Space for the day.


Harriet Hill�s work investigates ideas around the conflict between autonomy and belonging and the fact that we are drawn to that which is more powerful than ourselves � physical, social, political. This manifests in her work, through the notion that a physical entity � material, object, structure, space � can simultaneously inspire both inclination and repulsion. Harriet Hill is based in London, and is a MFA graduate of Goldsmiths.

Jenny Steele's practice considers our constant in-habitation of digital space by playing on metaphors of physical space, cartography, architecture and town planning. Through her multi disciplinary practice, she continually seeks ways in which to come to terms with the intangibility of the digital, and its clash with our embedded cognitive behaviour and cartesian perspectives. Jenny Steele is currently based at Rogue Studios, Manchester, and is also a graduate of Goldsmiths MFA.
Harriet Hill and Jenny Steele - MULTIPLE OCCUPANCY

Event Title: Harriet Hill and Jenny Steele - MULTIPLE OCCUPANCY
Postcode: Faircharm Trading Estate, 8 - 12 Creekside, Deptford, London SE8 3DX
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