All I Can See is the Management

All I Can See is the Management is an exhibition and programme of events that looks at the pervasiveness of managerial culture from the late 1970s to today.

The exhibition brings together historical and contemporary artworks that consider how late capitalist approaches to working life play out at work, in education and at home.

It focuses upon the changing roles of the worker, the manager and the entrepreneur, and how these condition our understanding of other social relationships, such as those between students and teachers or among family members. It also addresses the ways in which companies have sought to enlist and manage the private aspirations and emotions of their employees. These personal capacities are increasingly considered essential to professional performance and the production of economic value, further blurring the boundaries between work and life.

All I Can See is the Management marks the first stage of an ongoing research. A programme of talks, screenings, workshops and contributions to Pipeline provides a further public resource for the issues raised in the exhibition.


Associated Events

TALK: The Managed Heart
Sat 22 Oct 2011, 2pm
Peter Fleming (professor of Work, Organisation and Society at Queen Mary, University of London) and Kathi Weeks (associate professor of Women’s Studies at Duke University, North Carolina) discuss the themes behind All I Can See is the Management in relation to their own research interests.

Sat 11 Nov 2011, 2pm
NLP consultant Lee Robinson delivers a participatory workshop at Gasworks based upon the notion of rapport. Booking is essential as places are limited: booking[at]

Dates TBC
All I Can See is the Management will also be accompanied by a series of screenings. Please check for further updates.


Curated by Antonia Blocker, Robert Leckie and Helena Vilalta

Image: làlia Grau, Discriminació de la dona, 1977
All I Can See is the Management

Event Title: All I Can See is the Management
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