FAREWELL STATE: PROPERTY has been a week of daily discussion, spontaneous actions and explorations in to the neo-liberal frontiers of the city. From Wed 31 Aug – Wed 7 Sep 2011 a loose collective of artists/groups/writers have converged at Silwex House, East London, to share thoughts and to respond through the development and dissemination of new work, ideas and propositions for change.

In a radical departure from the format that has developed over the week, on Wed 7 Sep 2011 we will be opening up our borders to facilitate freedom of movement and trade, and rejoicing in the principles of individual wealth, private property and free market exchange. We invite you to join us for an evening of arch-capitalism and self-interest, an opportunity to bray at the feral underclass and celebrate the freedom to exploit ourselves and one another.


-Readings from Adam Smith, Milton Friedman and Ayn Rand. Leave your communism at the door!

-A free market food exchange – bring a dish and barter for your supper (or starve). [Hint: bring some food that you can trade with others. The better your food, the more you'll eat]

-Get rich quick! Contribute just £5.93 (an hour of minimum wage salary) and exercise your democratic right to vote as we redistribute the wealth of many into the hands of the few. Bring your friends! The more people who take part, the more the individual stands to gain…

-Relax and unwind in our Foxconn-inspired Workers’ De-stress Zone or let your hair down in the Phil Collins lounge.

Find us at:

Silwex House, Quaker St, Shoreditch, London E1 6SN (off Brick Lane).
Getting there: Find us 2min from Old Truman Brewery, 2min from Shoreditch High St rail and Overground stations.
Nearest tube stations: Whitechapel, Old St and Aldgate East.


FAREWELL STATE is a new series of a collective disruptions, imagined alternatives and responses to life, society and space that in its critique draws on the energy of the recent social unrest. The subject of part one is PROPERTY - from its basic function as shelter to the fundamental capitalist principle of ownership, encompassing architecture, city planning, cooperatives, occupations, commodity production, consumerism, space/politics/power and the ‘free’ citizen who from birth is the owner-occupier of his or herself.

The FAREWELL STATE series will focus on research, sharing, discussion and mobilisation based on processes, spontaneous actions and experimental modes of writing, art production and dissemination.

Postcode: Silwex House, Quaker St, Shoreditch, London E1 6SN
Further Details:
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Contact Email: pennywhitehead@gmail.com