Kurt Schwitters DIY Summer Art School

"These are movements that do not seek to start from scratch but rather from scraps, from the rubble that is all around." Naomi Klein

"I build my time.. my art is made from the rubbish, scraps, and broken bits left over from life.." Kurt Schwitters

A DIY Art school and symposium programme coordinated by the Littoral Arts Trust, independent artists groups, MA students and recent grads. from art schools around the country. Located at the site of Kurt Schwitters’ Merz Barn in the beautiful Langdale valley near Ambleside (Cumbria). It is free* to all and with accommodation available on site; bunk barns, Yurts, tents, camping etc. The school runs for two weeks and concludes with a three day symposium 'Critical Futures' 28 - 30 July 2011.

Draft programme:
16 - 22 July Skills workcamp; learn new urban rural survival skills (woodland crafts, charcoal making, dry stonewalling, construction work), get to know the place, information about Kurt Schwitters, and go walking or exploring in the most beautiful valley in the Lakes.
Also some help with practical jobs on the Merz Barn site.

23 - 24 July “Scything for Revolutionaries** week-end scything event; learn to scythe, haymaking and meadow restoration workshops with regional scythers and local farmers and rural crafts people

**When I came here I was mostly with the old peasants, because the younger ones had gone, and they became my teachers. It was like my university. I learned to tap a scythe, and I learned a whole constellation of sense and value about life” John Berger

25 - 31 July Study week - Advanced critical practice workshops and seminars for artists; to be planned and programmed in more detail by summer school participants.

28 - 30 July Critical Futures symposium - an international gathering of arts practitioners, environmentalists, writers, etc., to discuss possible future directions, new contexts and agendas for critical art practice. Including proposals for alternative art school and pedagogical/professional training opportunities for artists and art students.

Symposium participants confirmed:
Paul Kingsnorth, Dark Mountain Project,
Peter Lewis, Redux Projects,
Simon Ryder, Artnucleus,
Hwa Young and save Dee Madlab, others to be confirmed.

To book a place, please contact Ian Hunter at littoral [at] btopenworld.com

* does not include food

Image: “my spirit must not stop..” Kurt Schwitters, London 1944
Kurt Schwitters DIY Summer Art School

Event Title: Kurt Schwitters DIY Summer Art School
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