Free @rt Sch001 and the Monstro(c)ity

As part of the weekend of launching events at GALERIE8, The Missionaries to Free @rt Sch001 (MF@S) have chosen MONSTRO(C)ITY as a jumping off point for both play and politics.

Free @rt SCh001 is an intentionally nebulous collection of artists and troublemakers hailing from the ruins of the ivory tower. With performances and interactive events imbued with ritual and spectacle, the Missionaries of F@S haunt academic conferences, de and re construct social norms, and concretise the everyday as the mythic. The Missionaries work to highlight the joy of learning and making artwork, and hopefully inspire others to do the same. They work with children of all ages, adults, people who pretend to be adults, robots, artists and fakers of all sorts.

From Saturday morning to Sunday evening, a full weekend of un-schooling through creative writing, storytelling, puppetry and monster-making will culminate in a potluck discussion on the monstrous state of education. Participants, self-organizer-types, critics, lovers, catalysts, artists, and you. The weekend of free art school will offer to take part in actions of play as a way of exploring, un-categorising and freeing so-called modes of artistic production beyond regimented and purposeful aims.

Event 1 : The Mash
Saturday 4 June from 12-4pm

The Missionaries to F@S will lead a Marching Monstro(c)ity workshop. Children of all ages are invited to GALERIE8 to fully immerse themselves in a monster city. Costumes, cameras, candy, and creative collaborations are only the start. Come and bring your mini-monster for some midday madness.

Event 2 : The Meal
Sunday 5 June from 6-8pm

Tying in with the weekends monster theme is a fundraising initiative called ‘Sweet Savage Stew'. Participants are invited to attend and submit a proposal in need of funding and join us for dinner for a suggested £5 donation.

Attendees are also encouraged to contribute a vote in the grant-giving process, and good conversation on sustainability in the arts. Soup grants provide funding for small to medium sized projects.

One proposal submission will have a small project funded at the end of the evening. The idea of a ‘soup grant’ was first derived in Chicago by InCUBATE (Institute for Community Understanding between Art and the Everyday) and has since become a popular form of art funding in the UK.

Bring a one-page proposal or just an empty belly.
RSVP and submission deadline: Saturday 4 June, 5pm

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Free @rt Sch001 and the Monstro(c)ity

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