Rainer Ganahl

Reading for Reading’s Sake is a non-profit platform, realizing exhibitions, events and symposia which elicit a questioning of the relationship between reading and art production. For the Bury Text Festival, Reading for Reading’s Sake are commissioning Rainer Ganahl to make an incredibly ambitious body of work around Engel's The Condition of the Working Class in England (1844) including videos, assemblage, photographs, paintings and prints.

Rainer Ganahl is a New York based visual artist who has been staging reading groups and documenting various didactic processes for over a decade. He has exhibited internationally and previously represented Austria in the Venice Biennale (1999). This is his first solo show in the UK and will be accompanied by a set of limited edition prints.

Bury Text Festival
The Text Festival in Bury is an internationally recognised event investigating contemporary language art (poetry, text art, sound and media text, live art).

Against the background of global stylistic multiplicity, the use of language spans many artforms and may even be a unifying field of enquiry, a new definition and a new field of international linguistic art practice and dialogue. The Bury Festival is the leading focus of language in 21st Century art.

The Festival specialises in experiments, in new experiences, in performances and exhibitions that mix artforms in ground-breaking combinations that challenge traditional language art boundaries and offer artists a forum for dialogue and exchange of ideas. The festival runs throughout May and June 2011.
Rainer Ganahl

Event Title: Rainer Ganahl
Postcode: Bury Transport Museum, Bolton Street Station, Bury BL9 0EY
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