Rules of the Game: Value and Money

AUGUST art is pleased to host a series of talks “Rules of the game: value and money”, exploring price and value in art as well as the general economy.

Is price value? We know it is not, but may still feel frustrated over prices which appear “unfair”, whether those of art works, food, branded consumer goods, wages… Perhaps because we inherently associate value with meaningfulness, and want our economic system to make sense. In our series of talks, we will explore price, money, and value.

The talks are given by specialists but aimed at non-specialists who are interested in understanding our economic valuation system more critically. Q&A follow talks, with light refreshment provided. Talks are free but reservation is essential
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Series 2: Rules of the game: price of money & price of profits

Fri 13 May 2011, 6-8pm

The second set of talks focus on the concept of money itself.

Financial trainer Stefano Decesaris presents “Money: do we understand it?”
Through an inter-active exercise attendees help build a money economy. We explore how prices come to be, how they inflate (and deflate), how they are linked – or not – to underlying production. We also ask the question can an advance society do without money?

AUGUST art curator Winnie Sze explores “The ethics of making money”
By looking at historical and contemporary cases, such as the creation of the accounting system out of the methodology of the Catholic Church, the donation versus the sale of blood, sub-prime mortgages and micro-finance for poor women in India, we look at whether the issue of making money is an issue of morality?
Rules of the Game: Value and Money

Event Title: Rules of the Game: Value and Money
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