Art Lands On Alien Landscape

The decline of the seaside arcade and sideshow has left Margate with a significant cultural void, yet the regeneration that attempts to fill that gap is forced to negotiate the town’s strong incumbent identity.

Art Lands On Alien Landscape is an exhibition of art events exploring the relationship between art and the town of Margate, taking place during the opening season of Turner Contemporary.

Art Lands On Alien Landscape follows on from last year’s Dead Season: Live Art and is accompanied by a limited edition publication containing works that extend and further explore the programme’s events.

Details of individual a few of the events taking place as part of the programme follow below. All events are free to all.
Curated by Jim Lockey & Katy Norton

Owen and Fern For The Bees
For the Bees is a participatory public artwork that has stemmed from a shared concern about bees. The work offers an innovative approach to addressing the threat to our honeybees. Owen & Fern have created a piece of choral music based on the sound of bees with composer Mial Watkins. This composition will performed by a choir in Margate’s Hawley Square. It is hoped that the composition and good will of the singers will stimulate activity in the local honeybee population.

Stephen McNeilly Definitions Of Concepts Towards A Philosophy Of Alienation
Philosopher and academic Stephen McNeilly has created a video work with subtitles to be narrated by readers for whom English is a second language. Their words attempt to describe a philosophy of alienation from an oblique perspective. McNeilly's dense and partly fictional texts when read in this manner have the potential to create a situation of uncertainty. It becomes unclear whether the subtitle leads, and is read aloud by a reader; or if the subtitle follows and transcribes a speaker.

Frog Morris The Total Destruction of Margate
As ancient sea monsters awakened from their slumber by Margate's regeneration projects roam the beach, a mad scientist deciphers The Shell Grotto’s ancient runes and hatches a plan to turn the Kraken and Fish Men into his zombie slaves.

Frog Morris’ The Total Destruction of Margate is a series of performances and happenings throughout the town that imagines a reason behind the true history of Margate's ill-fated past and predicts its future. The audience will be witness to key moments in the narrative at specific locations, and during their time in Margate may happen across further vignettes and bizarre occurrences from this work that truly inhabits the town.
Art Lands On Alien Landscape

Event Title: Art Lands On Alien Landscape
Postcode: 6 Bilton Square, High Street, Margate, Kent, CT9 1DX
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