Carey Young - Memento Park

Cornerhouse proudly presents a major touring solo show by acclaimed artist Carey Young. This exhibition, reconfigured for Cornerhouse, surveys the artist’s investigations of language, rhetoric and performance. The show features a new video work Memento Park (2010), which has been commissioned in conjunction with Cornerhouse, Eastside Projects and mima, alongside a number of key video works and recent photographic, text and telephone works.

Memento Park (2010) extends and reframes Young’s interests in performance, politics and leftist ideas. Filmed in a statue park in Budapest, which contains a large collection of monumental, Soviet-era statues containing in poses of ‘suspended animation’, we see the figures surrounded by bustling contemporary life passing by outside the park, which undercuts the statues' historical importance and impressive physical impact by giving them a provisional, peripheral context. Nevertheless, the seductive lushness of the surrounding greenery, shot mainly at the beginning and end of the day, gives these icons of propaganda a strange and beautiful serenity.

This exhibition also includes UK premieres of several works, such as Product Recall (2007), a video in which the artist undergoes a psychoanalyst session relating to contemporary advertising. And the telephone work Follow the Protest (2009), which centres on the idea of ‘protest on demand’ and features sound recordings from the 2009 G20 protests. Further works that complete the show include monitor based video works, I Am A Revolutionary (2001), Everything You’ve Heard is Wrong (1999) and works from the photographic series Body Techniques (2007).

Carey Young’s celebrated and pioneering work focuses on the interconnections between economic systems, legal language and contemporary culture. Using a variety of media and settings she often uses found tools, language and training processes from the worlds of the multinational corporation and global law firm, altering them to create fictional and absurd scenarios which explore notions of performance, autonomy, criticality and imagination. Positioning herself as an insider to these predominant systems, she takes a stance between complicity and resistance as she criticizes them playfully through the use of their own methods and language.

A new publication also accompanies the exhibition, featuring texts by Berlin-based writer Jennifer Allen, writer and curator Raimundas Malasauskas and an interview with Young by American artist Jill Magid.

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Exhibition supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. Memento Park (2010) has received additional funding from London College of Communication and the University of the Arts Research Centre for Transnational Art, Identity and Nation (TrAIN).
Carey Young - Memento Park

Event Title: Carey Young - Memento Park
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