Colony - as if something once mentioned now plain to see

=Launch of new publication at the preview of Last of the Urgents=

The publication features artist commissions by Simon Bedwell, Marc Bijl, Mona Casey, Juneau Projects, Ryan McClelland, Andrew Hunt, Paul McAree, Jo Mitchell, David Osbaldeston, Michael Schwab, Claire Shallcross, Dave Smith.

Text commissions by Art & Language, Terry Atkinson, Amanda Beech, David Burrows, Vincent Honore, Mark Hutchinson, Paul O’Neill, Sally O’Reilly.

The exhibition LAST OF THE URGENTS, featuring Nikolas Arvanitis, Simon Bedwell, GL Brierley, Ryan McClelland, Jo Mitchell, with a text commission by Mark Hutchinson, will preview at the launch event. launches in london and dublin to follow

Rather than bring out a publication documenting the history of COLONY projects in a navel-gazing, self-congratulatory manner, we decided to make things more interesting by instead commissioning a series of artists and writers to create new works for publication.

Giving artists free reign to do whatever they wanted with 6 to 8 pages of the book has resulted in a diverse, exciting and challenging series of projects, and in its approach is very much a reflection of the approach to programme at COLONY: to provide artists with an opportunity to create new work, to bring together a diverse mix of artists, and to provoke debate about the nature of contemporary art and its dissemination.

It has been important throughout COLONY’s history that one of the commissions for each show is non-gallery based – or non visual based – and so far we have offered our exhibition leaflet to a writer or artist-writer to suggest a work in a different form. So far each one has been a text, all five of which are republished here. This refers back to an idea that art does not have to be visual, and provides an important opportunity to offer an alternative avenue for 'work'. This book continues this possibility, and is the first in a series of Colony publications, offering different ways of presenting work.

And again, with ever an eye to keeping things interesting, along with 2 new text commissions, we are republishing an Art & Language text from 1969, drawing a line from there to here, and in its way another reflection of COLONY’s aims to work with new and established artists and writers in the one arena.

Included in the publication is an archive of COLONY exhibitions, recording the chronology of the programme thus far. Following the launch in Birmingham, as if something once mentioned now plain to see will launch in London on 24 November and Dublin Ireland on 7 December. Venues to be confirmed.

The publication is available from all good art bookshops and direct from COLONY for a reduced price of £15 including postage. See for details on how to order online.
Colony - as if something once mentioned now plain to see

Event Title: Colony - as if something once mentioned now plain to see
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