CAMP ZERO: Cultural Explorations of the Shadow that the Future Throws

In a conversation twenty years ago the philosopher, educator, and social critic Ivan Illich said:
“There is a generalised sense now that the future we expected does not work and that we are in front of an “epistemic break”: a sudden image-shift in consciousness in which the once unthinkable becomes thinkable… [We are now] searching for a language to speak about the shadow which the future throws… The pressing questions today are: After development, What? What concepts? What symbols? What images?”

Camp 0 sets out to be a collective exploration of possible futures. Bringing together artists, cultural workers, social activists, community groups and citizens to explore the ideas, symbols and images that highlight and confront the twin issues of climate change and global energy decline.

CAMP 0 is a residential camping weekend of participatory and collaborative events, discussions, workshops, actions and artworks about culture, change and the limits of global growth. It takes place Off-gird, under canvas and close to the earth, amongst Westley Farm’s 75 acres of ancient woodlands and limestone grasslands.

Events will include discussions and activities on energy decline, climate change and local resilience. There will be hands-on low-impact camping workshops, potlatch picnics, communal cooking utilising local produce; a pedal-powered film programme, artists’ walks, performances, field installations and artworks. The weekend will also include special activities for children and young people.

Weekend tickets £20; under 18s £10

Includes two nights camping, Saturday evening meal and all events, workshops and activities.

Participants include:
Paul Mobbs, Glorious Ninth, Louise Gilber-Scott, Project Bicyclette, Dominic Thomas, Sarah B, Andy Freedman, Paul Harper, Rupert Howe, Alberto Duman, Louisa Fairclough, Alice Forward and many more… including YOU

With contributions from:
Superflex and Stroud Brewery, Learning Group, Slavoj Zizek, Ivan Illich and more.

Image caption: Glorious Ninth, Love_Potion
CAMP ZERO: Cultural Explorations of the Shadow that the Future Throws

Event Title: CAMP ZERO: Cultural Explorations of the Shadow that the Future Throws
Postcode: Westley Farm, Chalford, Gloucestershire GL6 8HP
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