Away Day - Installations and performance in South London Parks

Sixteen new site-specific artworks transform south London parks for the exhibition Away Day from POST artist network, curated by Pippa Koszerek and David Berridge. Engaging with suburban spaces of leisure, the diverse interventions, performances and temporary artworks accost visitors with imagined alternative realities and new mappings of the park spaces.

Some highlights:

The Writer’s House:
Writer David Berridge continues his explorations of live writing and ‘writing exhibitions’ by convening The Writer’s House and its publication garden in Wandle Park. Three writers (Rachel Lois Clapham, Tamarin Norwood and Mary Paterson) engage visitors in acts of live writing, whilst Bram Thomas Arnold invites the public to join him in exploring the act of reading aloud. Marianne Holm Hansen produces a lexicon of emotions in response to the park and its human, natural and artistic inhabitants.

Present Attempt bend and borrow the conventional form of the tourist audio guide, working with local people to explore how they relate to and inhabit the park and making a bespoke recorded guide available for visitors at Away Day.

The Wayward Plant Registry commemorate the lives and deaths of flowers, with a series of notices placed in a local Wimbledon newspaper and the creation of a compost pit and memorial area in Wandle Park.

Ioanna Pantazopoulou creates sculptural installation Warped Floating Sketch, weaving hundreds of metres of coloured polythene strips throughout the metalwork of the bridges that cross the river Wandle.

About POST

Founded in 2008, POST is the new peer-led UK network for artists who respond to place. POST artists work in areas with which they have a personal involvement, staging site-specific shows that reflect the diverse practices of the members. Projects often engage with over- looked and disused spaces and investigate notions of public space.


Bram Thomas Arnold, David Berridge, Hyun Jin Cho, Rachel Lois Clapham, Linda Duffy, Fitness for Artists, Catalina Garces de los Rios, Katie Gilman, Marianne Holm Hansen, Helen Jacobs, Fiona Long, Ruth Martindale, Tamarin Norwood, John O’Hare, Sonia Paço-Rocchia, Mary Paterson, Ioanna Pantazopoulou, Faye Peacock, Present Attempt, Jenny Rolfe- Herbert, Emanuela Santini,The Wayward Plant Registry, Mary Yacoob.

POST is working in partnership with the Arts Development Team at Merton Council and Away Day has received a grant from their Arts Development Fund and from Arts Council England.

Image: Emanuela Santini.
Away Day - Installations and performance in South London Parks

Event Title: Away Day - Installations and performance in South London Parks
Postcode: Wandle Park, Colliers Wood High Street, London SW19 2NX
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