X Street

A live journey through a neighbourhood in stand-by.

A street outside the map, a flat-share clash, a hairdresser starting her own business, a dodgy £5 note that circulates around, an Olympic car wash, a delayed wedding and a community that keeps its doors locked. Get on our minibus, fasten your seatbelts, put on the headphones and immerse yourself inside residents' bedrooms, kitchens, showers, fridges, pockets and minds.

A performance by réaltympanica: Ioana Paun, Robert Redmer, Renata Gaspar and James Bulley. Also featuring: Cristina Catalina, Naia Headland-vanni, Dhaniella Mauger, Jessica Latowicki, Graham McGowan, Christian Hogas, Julie Simpson, Kevin Molin, Mario Christofides, Sara Amini, Tiernan Patton, Bill Perry, Nick Llewellyn.

The project focuses on the social and sound landscape and lifestyle implications of the 2012 Olympic Games reconstruction plans in the Hackney area, East London.

Developed by Ioana Paun through the Attic Arts residency programme at the Romanian Cultural Institute in London.

Free event. Pick-up and Drop-off points to be confirmed when booking.
X Street

Event Title: X Street
Postcode: Hackney Wick, London E9
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