New Photography: Pavilion Commissions

New Photography: Pavilion Commissions is an exhibition of new work by Frederico Camara, Steffi Klenz, Stephen Vaughan and Tomoko Yoneda produced through the Pavilion Commissions 2009 and curated in partnership with Djanogly Art Gallery.

Frederico Camara
Brazilian artist Frederico Camara takes an ethnographic approach to photography which is strongly informed by his experiences as an econmoical immigrant in the USA and United Kingdom. His new work will extend his research into zoological environments, examining the zoo cage as an embodiment of both scientific (environmental and sociological) and artistic ideas.

Steffi Klenz
Through her photographic practice Steffi Klenz critically explores the notion of place, boundaries and displacement and specifically ephemeral buildings; nomadic architectural structures. Her new work Klenz will re-examine the Naiku shrine, a Japanese Shinto shrine which is dismantled and re-built every twenty years.

Stephen Vaughan
Stephen Vaughan uses photography as a mode of enquiry within other areas of research including geology, cultural geography and histories of the land. His new work is part of a larger research enquiry looking at significant points on the tectonic man. It will propel Vaughan's earlier studies of the Earth's primordial beginnings to the contemporary landscape of urban Japan.

Tomoko Yoneda
Tomoko Yoneda is primarily concerned with tracing history and collective memory. She photographs spaces, interiors and people that weave a thread allowing the viewer to experience what lies beyond the visual document. In her new work Yoneda will focus on human relationships in contemporary culture and the core elements of human interactions that form memories and affect political landscapes and history.
New Photography: Pavilion Commissions

Event Title: New Photography: Pavilion Commissions
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