Sam Dargan - More Work for the Undertaker

Tether are delighted to present Sam Dargan’s first solo exhibition in Nottingham, ‘More Work For The Undertaker’ at The Wasp Room.

Often responding to cinematic imagery and 20th Century literature as well as popular culture (referencing the music of the Fall and Half Man Half Biscuit amongst others) and more recently the melancholy and underlying savagery of photographic reportage, Dargan’s paintings are infused with contemporary commentary. Reminiscent of imagery seen in daily newspapers and depicting scenes and props from unrealised revolutions, these fragmented narratives are packed with hostility; commenting in part on the imbalance of power systems and the inherent paranoia that imbues conspiracy theories.

Disillusioned and listless revolutionaries linger in numb resignation, whilst abused figures in the aftermath of physical harm fathom their lot. Often bound, gagged, bruised or scarred, they exist in a world in which meaning has been lost and ideals have failed. Though their plight is tragic, it is not without a sense of humour. Like Mel Brooks once said “Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you fall down an open manhole cover and die”.

For the exhibition, Dargan will be presenting a mixture of new and old works and a specially produced limited edition publication, which will be available from the gallery during the private view, or upon request.

The Wasp Room is supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.
Sam Dargan - More Work for the Undertaker

Event Title: Sam Dargan - More Work for the Undertaker
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