Mind into Matter and Sons of Pioneers

In Gallery 1
Selected at intervals of 25 years since the foundation of the Royal Institute of British Architecture, eight buildings explore what architects at different periods thought they were doing. Each project has an intriguing story of patronage, revealing the motives that have caused exceptional buildings to come into being for symbolic as well as practical reasons. In each case the architects have held a passionate commitment to a particular way of designing and building.

Using original drawings, specially commissioned new photography and other documents, old and new, the exhibition will make Victorian and Modern architecture accessible to new audiences through the stories it tells.

Sons of Pioneers
Matthew Houlding

In Gallery 2
Houlding's new sculptures and collages are an homage to the utopian zeal of modern architecture and Hockney’s Bigger Splash painting.

Drawing on Structuralist and Formalist ideas of architectural design and the relationships between intersecting materials and planes, contrasting geometry is framed by bold, primary coloured Perspex, which casts a Californian sunny glow over split level condo-like exteriors and interiors.

This juxtaposition of materials – from cardboard boxes to garden fencing and kitchen work tops - suggest human prescience and endeavour, reflecting the experience of architecture and space; hierarchy, opposition, separation, connection, transition and assimilation.

The composition of colours and painted surfaces define figure/ground relationships within the work and convey materiality, physical and cultural context, symbolism and emotional response. The role of colour is also an organisational element and a device used in many architectural schools to engender an environment for creative learning. Houlding’s landscapes are, however, people free, yet suggest an inherent optimism and sublime future.

Both exhibitions are free.

Image Credits: Top, Tony Fretton. Embassy Building. Copyright Peter Cook. Bottom,
Matthew Houlding. NKB Bearings, 2009, Mixed media, 60 x 60 x 35 cm
Mind into Matter and Sons of Pioneers

Event Title: Mind into Matter and Sons of Pioneers
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